Lost in the Vortex


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derekberkeley Lovely little EP! 'No Place for Love' is a wonderful slice of life you want to last forever, and 'Powers' has a groove with a certain obsessive personality appeal. Favorite track: Powers.
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Fat amber lights Joining in with fist fights First romance nights Carried into the dark Lazy body aches from dancing in the big show Full of idle dreaming Many darlings to kill Boy ... Bitch ... Lover ... Child ... Mother ... Sinner ... Saint ... Fear ... Afraid ... Fear ...
Yeah I'm running towards the light And I'm feeling so uptight Gotta get this monkey off my back Yeah I'm feeling so alive You never closed your eyes before So why should you start now It's not really such a big deal It's just life It's such a drag "I don't believe in the things that don't believe in me Now it's your turn to see what I hate about me... fuck it" - Marilyn Manson "I gotta garbage brain it makes me insane" - Lux Interior "Cufk, Tish, Sips" - Nirvana The bottles are broken and all of our stuff is out in the open Why is time travel so impossibly hard? Your mind is numb and scarred It was lost in the vortex I can't believe that you came back A birthday card A wax cliche you learned along the way... Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift Life's a bitch Fuck It Die
Then we fell into the sea Like seagulls trapped in a routine A peculiar house underwater And a useless beat inside of me Inside of me... Done with best wishes for bored nation No meaning, No epiphany When you run and watch the ground There's no way you'll see the sky above Pull these pieces far apart The ultimate stranger lives in me Inside of me...
Riding my bicycle last night, and I was so high And I could feel your sadness, but I couldn't feel mine So I rode as fast as I could back to the hood And everyone was dancing and singing... "Find some peace, some love and joy in your heart. It's not enough to say you don't believe in nothing. We called you out you're only bluffing. Might as well try to enjoy yourself cause we're all gonna die!' Driving around with you last night and feeling so tight But I could hear you laughing , and I started to cry So I took off all of my clothes and drove downtown and jumped out of a window screaming... "There's no place for love in a place like this. It's not enough to say you don't believe in nothing. It doesn't matter if you say it doesn't matter Cause you know it does, your just lying to yourself" Tonight it's no wonder I don't understand how the kids are all alright Singing ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ohh There's no place for love in a place like this
I hear you loud, cover my ears, hear no sound My eyes just stare, no time to talk And if it's bad what you have, it's OK It's still what you have all to yourself Now it's quiet around you In this clean room, with a view I wanna die I don't wanna die You said you wanna give up the cash And then turn straight with me, sweet sweet lie You're better off, true to yourself And you call my name, my name From outside this room with a view He said, he is sad.


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The Acharis, founded in Oakland, CA, by Shaun Wagner and Mila Puccini had their debut show in 2014 at Amnesia, SF with Cool Ghouls and Cellar Doors.
2015 they were signed to the indie Label Exbtn in Paris, FR who released their first full length album "Lost in the Vortex".
The band´s own take on recalling their teenage soundtracks honors a chaotic sonic dialogue between the two members, on one side lyrical ballad on the other a brooding storm terminating in total annihilation.

The duo completed several DIY tours in the US and Europe. Bands they shared a stage with include Cindy Lee, Shivas, La Luz, The Americas, Naomi Punk, The Wheal, Go Dark.

"In Italian achari are dust mites. Dust mites are cool, you can´t see them - but THEY can see YOU." -concert goer in Carpi, Italy

”Lost in the Vortex” is the debut album from Oakland California artists The Acharis. Released on 12” vinyl from EXBTN Records (Paris) and cassette from Goth Horse Records (Oakland).

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released February 9, 2017

guitar, vocals, drums: Shaun Wagner
bass, vocals, beats: Mila Puccini
Recorded and Mixed by : The Acharis & Ross Harris
Mastering by: Alan Douches
Vinyl released by EXBTN Records (Paris)
Cassette released by Goth Horse Records (Oakland, CA)

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all rights reserved



THE ACHARIS Oakland, California

"The Acharis are a race of worm-like creatures so ashamed by their own ugliness that they hide underground and constantly cry." - Wikipedia.

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